There is a large group of diseases for which a genetic predisposition has been established. The development of such diseases depends on the interaction of environmental factors and heredity of the individual.

The diversity of genes ensures the genetic uniqueness of each individual. Variations in genetic material shape both differences in physical characteristics (e.g., eye color, height) and the body's response to external influences. If a person with a predisposing genotype is exposed to conditions that provoke the manifestation of genetic traits, a corresponding disease develops.

Predisposition to develop Mutations under study Price KZT
1. thrombophilias
  • Leiden mutation (coagulation factor V of the F5 gene)
  • Prothrombin mutation (coagulation factor II of the F2 gene)
  • Mutation of methylene trihydrofolate reductase (MTHFR gene)
  • Methionine synthase reductase gene MTRR
  • Mutation of methionine synthase (MTR gene)
  • Proconvertin gene - F7
  • Fibrin stabilizing factor gene - F13
  • Fibrinogen gene - FBG
  • Mutation-1 of integrin α2 (ITGA2 gene)
  • ITG B3 thrombocyte integrin gene
  • PAI1 plasminogen activator inhibitor gene
2. Breast and ovarian cancer
  • Mutation 1 of the BRCA1 gene
  • Mutation-2 of the BRCA1 gene
  • Mutation-3 of the BRCA1 gene
  • Mutation 4 of the BRCA1 gene
  • Mutation 1 of the BRCA2 gene
  • Checkpoint kinase kinase mutation-1
  • Mutation-2 cell cycle checkpoint kinase (CHEK2 gene)cell cycle kinase (CHEK2 gene)