I'm just happy that we have such a quality laboratory! The staff is very polite and friendly! I recommend this test to everyone!

July 30, 2022, Sala Turekeshov

Nice staff, nice office! Professionals work!

July 1, 2022, Arsen Ramazan

Thank you! Had a genetic genealogy test done. I liked everything very much. Great service.

April 27, 2022,Rustam Khassen


Thank you for this opportunity to do DNA testing for nutrition, predisposition to sports, even vegetarianism test (can or can't), lactose tolerance, and even caffeine metabolism. Plus there are regular helpful lectures on nutrition, we love it!

June 14, 2019, Stefaniya Denisko

Ote Zhaksy Laboratory !!! Bunday Laboratory Kazakhstan bireu kyzmet korsetu 5+ koyamyn 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

March 13, 2019,Nurlan Bazarov


We thank the staff, especially Karina, for such an attentive and sensitive attitude to customers! Karina is really the "face" of the company and her professionalism only raises the status of the company!!! We are very pleased with the results of the analysis and caring attitude and understanding Karina!!!))

September 27, 2019,Natalia Sivolapova


Trigen Lab and Zere Bayanovna!

Thank you so much for your work! Thanks to the studies you received, my doctor was able to find the right treatment and I safely bore my happiness! I am a mom again! Thank you so much again!

12.07.2016 Almaty, Zhumagalieva Zholana

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The collective has been given the right to do what it wants to do.

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16.05.2016 Astana kalasy

I had tests in TreeGene laboratory, I liked it very much, there were a lot of tests that I had never heard of. I liked it very much.

April 11, 2019,Elnura Shoinova