We cooperate with major medical centers, laboratories and government agencies throughout Kazakhstan, as well as use world experience through cooperation with foreign partners:

M1 Clinic - Scientific and Medical Center of Human Reproduction and Genetics

AquaLab, Almaty


Invitro Labsinvitro logo

Invivo Laboratories, Kazakhstaniwivo logo

Dr. Tarak's Marriage and Family Medical Center


University Medical Center Corporate Foundation


Pediatrics and Children's Surgery Center, Almaty


Eye Disease Institute, Almaty


National Scientific Center for Surgery named after A.N. Syzganov JSC. A.N. Syzganov, Almaty14

Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Almaty


Perinatal Prevention Center, Astana


KeruenMedicus, Almaty

Sunkar Premium Medical Center, Shymkentsunkar logo

ECOMED, Almaty


Persona, Almaty


OcOO K-Med, Bishkek


MC AYA, Astana

HEALTH, Astana

We are looking forward to new partnerships and any kind of cooperation, if you have any suggestions, email us at info@tree-gene.com or call us at +7 (702) 229 11 33